get out your cameras, boys and girls: new concert pic contest...but bring a pen
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 28, 2008

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    Obviously, we can't be at every show. Burger King has more staff than our editorial department. That's why we're hiring some new recruits: you, loyal readers. And we're paying you in free concert tickets and Baeble concert DVDs. We're happy to announce a new contest starting now (like right now) where you send us your concert photos for the week.

    So, go to a concert this week and take plenty of pictures. Then submit your best concert pictures to the editorial staff via by next Tuesday morning, 10 AM EST. Be sure to include information about the show, including artist name, the date, and the venue of the show, or we won't be able to use your stuff. We'll thumb though the submissions and pick a winner, whose pictures will be posted on our blog and in our photo section found HERE. Plus they'll receive 2 free Baeble DVDs and a pair of tickets to the concert of your choice!(we'll try our best to get you tickets to your first choice...but it needs to be within reason, ie. 100$ Van Halen tickets aren't gonna fly). -joe puglisi

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