Nine Inch Nails News Overload
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 27, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Squeezed in between horse-beaten Miley Cyrus jokes, today we're being exposed to a overabundance of Nine Inch Nails coverage. The major news came as Reznor shared a free stream of his forthcoming full-length Hesitation Marks on iTunes. Since navigating iTunes is about as fun and easy as finding a single tube of toothpaste at Costco, we dug up these streams of the entire album as well as the bonus disc.

    Bonus Disc

    Hesitation Marks is due out September 3rd.

    Our second Reznor tidbit comes in the form of a Twitter tirade regarding his distaste for the promoter of Reading Music Festival, where Nine Inch Nails performed over the weekend. Apparently, Trent was a little pissed that Biffy Clyro had the evening's closing set.

    And the list goes on! Today, the AV Club shared their latest Undercover episode featuring Kurt Vile weirding out on pedals to NIN's 1989 classic "Down In It".

    Kurt Vile covers Nine Inch Nails

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