please stop the jay-z mashups
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 27, 2010

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    Guys, I know we have vowed to bring you new and interesting music. And I know as long as there is oxygen people will be superimposing classic rapz over various other tunes. Some of it can be mindblowing, I get it. And Jay Z is one of the most influential, prolific rappers of our generation, and probably of all time. But for the love of Pavement can we PLEASE stop using the same f*cking lyrics again and again? There are only so many incarnations of "99 Problems" I can handle before I strangle myself.

    Seriously, nothing could possibly be more stale than putting "99 Problems" or "H To The Izzo" or "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" over something like, oh, let's say Hendrix. Sure it's cool(ish) but isn't anyone else just yawning at this point? I guess not. Here is another one.

    Jay-Z & Jimi Hendrix Jigga Hendrix (Mixtape) by Hypetrak

    It isn't even fun anymore. And if complaining makes me an old man than BRING ON THE BINGO. DADDY NEEDS A NEW HIGH FASTENING PANTS. [via.]

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