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    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 27, 2009

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    Add The Happy Hallows to the things of good things Craigslist has given the world. What's that? It is a short list? What about your studio apartment? Well at least you have some cool new music now.

    The Happy Hallows formed in 2005 when all three of it's members inexplicably moved to LA for different reasons. Vocalist/guitarist Sarah Negahdari responded to a Craigslist post from bassist Charlie Mahoney and drummer Chris Meanie (who were old friends) and the rest is history. Now they reside in Negahdariland? Oh, obligatory funny Myspace location! Got it.

    Negahdari was very into their influences in the ad, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Pixies and other groups with strong female leads were listed. Her voice suggests these influences as well; the sound of the band is akin to girl-driven pop akin to Karen O style. The band's debut EP in 2006, Bunnies And Bombs, was fairly popular, and so was their Imaginary EP. Hollows plays lots of textually dense but instrumentally thin music: guitars, drums, bass, nothing fancy, but used to a fuller, punkier extent than minimalist rock or stripped down lo-fi. The odd harmonies and energetic riffs put Happy Hollows well into the 'enjoyable' catagory of our music library. So check them out.

    And maybe they'll blow you out with their debut LP, Spells, due out October 6th, and available to stream free at Bandcamp. We're really digging what we've heard so far... the toned-down production of their earlier week seems transformed with a beefier sound and sprightly tunes, while maintaining all their quirk (important). Yes Happy Hollows have cast a spell on us with their charm... let's see if anyone else notices.-joe puglisi

    The Happy Hollows On Tour

    08/28 - The Crepe Place - Santa Cruz, CA
    08/29 - The Townhouse - Sacramento, CA
    09/04 - Spaceland - Los Angeles, CA

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    The Happy Hallows on Myspace

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