Unknown Mortal Orchestra Tap Into Their Inner Weirdo On Conan
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    So many bands today -- even the alternative ones...honestly, especially the alternative ones -- give way too many f***s about being cool. Alex Turner is one of the most talented rock & roll frontmen working today but every time I see him in his old-school 50s blazer and pompadour, my eyes start rolling out of my head. And so I appreciate a band that sacrifices cool and embraces their inner weirdo. And there are few bands working today more willing to get weird than Unknown Mortal Orchestra. They played "Can't Keep Checking My Phone" from one of this year's best records, Multi-Love, and Ruban Nielson does a split. That alone is worth the 3 minutes of viewing.

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