Now Playing: Delta Spirit's Powerful New Session
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 26, 2014

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    It took us 6 years, but we're finally circling back around with Delta Spirit. We first met the then, San Diego-based band on a hot and humid, steamy Texas evening, opening up for Dr. Dog in support of their lovely wrangler of a debut, Ode to Sunshine. Things got pretty good for the band shortly thereafter and they haven't looked back, releasing three more records, including their supremely well-received new record, Into the Wide, which will hit the general public September 9th.

    In our newest acoustic session we've got a jump on a trio of songs from the album, however. Singer Matt Vazquez and guitarists Kelly Winrich and Will McLaren joined us in a beautifully dilapidated warehouse in Greenpoint Brooklyn, a few blocks from the studio where they created the triumphant new collection of songs. Having relocated to Brooklyn a couple years back, Into the Wide was conceived in solitude, in a Sandy damaged, rat infested practice space the band could sink into, smoke cigarettes, and emerge hours or maybe even days later. Between the grooves, the album explores a lofty new sound, though the stories that trace through it seem more somber or lonesome. In our session Matt tells of the stories that informed the quiet power of "Live On" (being bullied in high school) or the fight for existence that slices through "Take Shelter" (inspired by the film, Melancholia). Still, there's a little hope too, best represented in "From Now On", a song about new life and new obvious ode to the band's new surroundings in Brooklyn. It's an intense trio of songs, one that transforms "one of freshest and most exciting folk rock records of the 2010s" into an entrancing experience.

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