late night: the pretty reckless on letterman
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 26, 2010

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    Come on. Since when did "Artist Development" switch from developing artists to developing seventeen-year old television actresses? Oh yeah, it's always been that way. That being said, this is not a terrible performance (it's actually mildly enjoyable!) and Taylor Momsen has pipes (if those are indeed her pipes we are hearing, and not an Ashley Simpson-bot.

    Watch the ironically titled "You Make Me Want To Die", by The Pretty Reckless, below [via.]

    ROCK AND ROLL. I think Courtney Love has publicly stated she hates Momsen (for stealing her schtick?), but that isn't surprising. She also hates sunshine and anyone who looks her in the face. Also Taylor Momsen is pleasing to look at, and Courtney Love looks like a set-piece from HBO's True Blood.

    Light Me Up (The Pretty Reckless debut) is out 9/10, and for some reason, costs like $30 on Amazon. Haha. Yeah right. At least it costs less than the eyeshadow budget of their videos.

    When Momsen isn't dissing Rihanna for being "f*cking annoying", she is busy making up for it by covering her hook from an Eminem song by cleverly ramming it into an otherwise dull-edged XX track. See Stereogum for more eyeshadow jokes.-joe puglisi

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