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    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26, 2009

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    Here's an infectious bit of indie rock, courtesy of anthemic, New Hampshire outfit Wild Light. Filmed at the Highline Ballroom, this beautifully shot set from the band validates just how comfortable, talented, and versatile on stage these four, childhood friends are. Constantly trading roles - the guitarist now the keyboardist, three singers each taking an opportunity to lead the band - each member of Wild Light seems to add their own charm and charisma to the final output, heightening the catchy nature of their finely crafted songs in this enthusiastic, NYC performance. In the end though, it might be drummer Seth Kasper who steals the show. His is a furious contribution, flashing stick tricks while pounding out heavy handed rhythms that play an immaculate part of Wild Light's songs.

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    VIDEO: Wild Light at The Highline Ballroom

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