Tori Amos' New Song 'Reindeer King' Is No Pre-Holiday Upper
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 25, 2017

    • Posted by: Annie Brinich

    A third song from Tori Amos' upcoming album, Native Invader (out September 8th), was released today. "Reindeer King" is the first track on Native Invader, which Amos has described as a collection of songs about "division and conflict."

    Make no mistake: this is no cheery holiday tune about reindeer and ice skating. Instead, it's a despairing ballad about reindeer and ice skating. At 7 minutes, it's a longer track, heavy on Amos' famed crooning vocals and her masterful command of the piano, with haunting lyrics describing a wintery landscape. Like all of Tori Amos' songs, there's something intensely intimate in her lyrics, though this song is not as confessional as her early work. Amos' family is from North Carolina, and it's possible that before this was a song about a troubled land, it was an ode to the countryside there.

    Amos will go on tour in Europe and North America in conjunction with Native Invader's release--her first stop is Cork, Ireland on September 6.

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