IN OUR EARS: Songs We Loved This Week
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 25, 2017

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

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    Fifth Harmony - "Angel"

    Oh yeah. I'm listening to Fifth Harmony. Judge me -- see if I care! Okay, I never actively listened to this fantastic girl group, but ever since I watched the video for this song I've been absolutely obsessed. They're definitely all grown up now, and they're making some damn fine sultry synth-pop.

    Bay Ledges - "Safe"

    I've been listening to this song ever since we featured it as our Song of the Day earlier this week. I love the clean combo of acoustic guitars and bubbly synths. It's so easy-going that I can either turn it on while I chill on the train and or while I go on my morning run, if I need to relax and remember to breathe.

    U2 - "Volcano"

    Another great song to run to (yeah, I'm just like, so totally fit, you guys). No, but seriously, this song is so anthemic, it's hard not to feel like a bad ass while listening.

    Brand New - "Out of Mana"

    That fucking guitar riff... That is all.


    Bomba Estereo - "Internacionales"

    It doesn't matter what language you speak--this song promises to get you out of your seat. It's Friday, so give into Bomba Estereo's rhythms, which gained popularity with their sweet "Soy Yo" video. "Internacionales" is as fun and as danceable as "Soy Yo", a standout from their recently released album Ayo.

    Moullinex & Peaches - "Maniac"

    Taylor Swift's new song has folks drawing comparisons to Madonna, Right Said Fred, and experimental indie artist Peaches. For better or worse, this catchy Flashdance cover is one of Peaches' less weird collaborations, and Portuguese DJ Moullinex keeps the beats simple and danceable.

    Daniel Norgren - "Whatever Turns You On"

    Word on the street is that Daniel Norgren absolutely killed it at the Pickathon Festival in the woods of Oregon a few weeks ago. In this heartfelt country song, Norgren shows off his vocal chops, as well as his guitar and kick drum skill; the multi-tasking Swedish musician plays both instruments while singing the song. "Whatever Turns You On" is from Norgren's 2013 album Buck, which I have been sleeping on for far, far too long.

    Flint Eastwood - "Queen"

    Finally, if you need motivation to make it through these last few hours of the work week, Detroit musician Flint Eastwood can help you. "Queen" premiered in January, but the triumphant tune remains relevant for anyone (particularly women-identified folks) struggling to remind themselves how powerful they are. The song was used to promote ESPN's recent coverage of Wimbledon, where known queens Venus Williams and Garbiñe Muguruza faced off.


    Fleet Foxes - "On Another Ocean (January / June)"

    Robin Pecknold recently told NPR Fleet Foxes' new album Crack-Up was inspired by surfing in New York City (presumably The Rockaways), and suddenly the album makes so much more sense; the moments of calm nothingness, the dramatic swells and sudden grooves. "On Another Ocean (January/June)" just sounds like patiently bobbing around, waiting for the perfect set, the slightly panicked rush of adrenalin and anticipation when some choice waves finally do roll in, and the spiritual payoff on the ride into shore. So, kind of the perfect summer song if you ask me.

    Manchester Orchestra - "The Gold"

    Manchester Orchestra's new album A Black Mile To The Surface took me by surprise. I was never a fan. I don't even know if I've ever encountered their music before. But after seeing this tweet, I decided to give it a go. "The Gold" is my favorite track from the album; gorgeous harmonies, a great overall drive, shimmering guitars, and Andy Hull's emotional musings of a relationship, once fun, now failing. It gets me right in the heart. The rest of the album is pretty damn special too.

    The War On Drugs - "Holding On"

    It's War On Drugs Day, with A Deeper Understanding finally unveiled to the public. And while I haven't listened to the album in its entirety yet (I've been boycotting singles for weeks, waiting for the perfect moment to take in the entire thing all at once), I can't just sit here, not sharing anything from it. So, here's "Holding On", the PERFECT first single with a video that can make me well up just thinking about it.

    Van William (ft. First Aid Kit) - "Revolution"

    I've always loved Van Pierszalowski's various musical outfits: Port O'brian and WATERS, both of which we've shot in some fashion over the years. Now he's unveiled a new solo persona - Van William - and enlisted the impeccable vocal talents of First Aid Kit to add a little loft to his first single "Revolution". I'm excited to hear what comes next.

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