the extraordinary ordinary life of jose gonzalez
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 25, 2010

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    Jose Gonzales (the bearded face of Junip, famous Swedish musician. etc.) is the subject of a new documentary hitting the circuit of European film festivals. Something tells me it won't be long before it leaps the pond. It's called The Extraordinary Ordinary Life Of Jose Gonzalez. Details after the jump.

    The film is an attempt to understand Gonzalez (one of the most famous and secretive Swedish musicians out there), a man trying to comprehend "his own existence". It was shot on location in several different locations, Sweden, Japan, Singapore, United States, South Africa, England, Chile and Argentina, all over a three year period. The 74-minute film was directed by Mikel Cee Karisson and Fredrik Egerstrand and produced by Erik Hemmendorff for Plattform Produktion. Karisson has done a few Gonzalez videos, as well as worked with Fever Ray and others.

    Watch the trailer:

    Oh those Swedes. Always speaking in the abstract and running around naked. Go to the official site (below) for more information.

    Also: check out pictures from our Junip shoot and stay tuned for the full concert, hitting the site 9/21 (in conjunction with Junip's new album). -joe puglisi

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    The Extraordinary Ordinary Life Of Jose Gonzalez

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