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    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 25, 2010

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    For those of you who like your music slow, dark, and dubbed-out.

    "Regret Making Mistakes", off of Balam Acab's debut EP See Birds, has the chopped and screwed feel of southern hip hop with its immense pulsation of a bassline and languid pace. The drums, however, don't bang but skitter along nervously in the background as harps and electronics pluck eerily above and below them and a ghostly moan of a voice wails something vaguely resembling the title phrase.

    This song, like the others that make up See Birds, was composed almost entirely of found samples from the internet which adds to the ethereal, otherworldly quality that permeates it. Not the most summery of tracks, but you'll appreciate this one in a month or two when it really starts to cool off. See Birds is out now on Tri-Angle. -ben krusling

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    MP3: "Regret Making Mistakes"
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