BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: 'Less More' by Golden Vessel ft. Okbadlands (Video)
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 24, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Today we're premiering the latest song/video from Australian producer Golden Vessel, entitled "Less~More" featuring Okbadlands. It's kind of sad, nostalgic, and euphoric all at once, sonically combining a lo-fi downtempo style with pop, R&B, and soul. As for the video, it was shot between digital, 16mm, VHS, photos, and more formats to create a dynamic feel. It's aesthetically satisfying to say the least, with color blocking and turtle necks galore.

    Golden Vessel released his debut EP Before Sleep last year in 2016 and is now gearing up to release his new EP, Right/Side, on September 29th. We had the opportunity to ask the producer a few questions about the song and video, which you can see below.

    What is "Less~More" about?

    "Less~More" is about the holding close of what is dear to you and not letting anyone or anything get in between you and it.

    How'd the collaboration with Okbadlands come about?

    I've been friends with Okbadlands for a long time now. This is the second time they've been on one of my songs and I produced 4/6 tracks on their upcoming EP. They're amazing and were an obvious choice to throw some ideas around with this track.

    What was the creation process like? Who wrote what?

    I started this track in July 2016 in Melbourne with my friend Abraham Tilbury. We were just mucking around and formed some ideas that I then turned into a fleshed out song over the next few weeks. I sent it to Okbadlands and it took a few goes writing for it till we were all happy with it (the original chorus Kate wrote is now the bridge because we wanted to stretch ourselves and do better).

    Were there any artists you were listening to at the time that helped inspire this track?

    Over the last year, my music tastes have definitely shifted to listening to a lot more R&B and hip hop, mainly Frank Ocean's Blonde was a huge influence. That whole exciting US scene has definitely leaked into my head and made its way onto the EP.

    And what was the inspiration for this gorgeous video?

    I had a really strong visual idea for this whole year with block colors and turtlenecks and 90s style. I also wanted the video to feel like it was Okbadlands and I just singing alone in front of our bedroom mirror. I took all these ideas to my friend Harry who directed the video and he had the idea of using multiple formats to create this multi-textured, fast-paced video. His team was so passionate and it was probably the coolest thing I've ever been a part of.

    You can order the Right/Side EP here.

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