• WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 24, 2016

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    Fans Outraged at Bieber's Alleged Lip-Synching, Still Love Him and Give Him All the Moneys #ImABelieber #ICanChangeHim #RelationshipGoals?

    Another week, another marvelously obnoxious misadventure in the life of Justin Drew Bieber. England's V Festival took place over the weekend, and Beliebers were shock and stunned when their Dear Leader once again and very predictably disappointed them by apparently lip-synching his entire set. After spending the night before his headlining show partying in the streets of London, the "Baby" singer arrived to the stage via military chopper, and proceeded to half-ass his way through his songs and dances. Fans pointed out that the Biebs seemed to be mouthing the words to his songs, as his voice could be heard even when he mouth was clearly away from the microphone. During his set Bieber even admitted to the fuming crowd that was indeed "a little hungover," which may explain the lack of performance quality. This is just another chapter in the roller-coaster relationship between Bieber and his followers, as fans are still railing from last week's drama that went down on Instagram. Despite the fans' apparent disappointment, Bieber remains as popular as ever, as the Beliebers remain adamant that they can change him and that they know they can make Beiber love them. They just know it, and nothing says "true love" better than knowing full well your tall glass of water is filled with dirt and drinking it all anyway.

    Liam Gallagher Takes Back His Title of "Most Unpleasant Rock Star!!!" #joy #sexdrugsnrocknroll #whoisheagain

    It seems that the 90s are all the rage again, because rock music's Unstable Uncle who Says Funny Things, Liam Gallagher, has returned to the spotlight with his first interview in three years with Q Magazine. In this long-winded interview, the overtly candid ex-Oasis singer covered all of his favorite talking points: How much he hates everyone ("I can count my friends on no hands"), how he passes the time acting homeless ("Climbed one the other day. I was running on the Heath and I thought, 'That looks like a nice tree, I'm going to climb that fucking tree.' Climbed it and sat there with my hood up for about 10 minutes") or annoying his neighbors ("Jamie Oliver lives up the road. I got told off for throwing stones at his windows pissed-up, asking him to chuck down some bacon rolls"), and of course, insulting his brother Noel at every given moment ("The geezer's got small-man syndrome"). While Gallagher says he has enough material for a new solo record, he claims he's "not embarking on a solo 'career'," and while he has said hed be interested in an Oasis reunion, he also still thinks Noel is a "potato". So it seems that the singer will continue doing what he does best: keeping his fans guessing and rambling to his heart's content. Anyway, here's "Wonderwall":

    Kanye RIPS OFF fans with Cheap-Looking Designer Clothes Actually Being CHEAP!!!1! #whaaa #smh #whyKanyewhy #KanyestilllovesKanye

    Speaking of self-absorbed artists with cartoonishly bloated egos: Kanye West is in the news cycle again for his fashion line, but probably not for the reason he wanted (or maybe it is, it's hard to tell with Kanye). According to the Mirror, West was selling some Life of Pablo inspired merch at a pop-up store in London recently, which caused many excited fans to line up around the block for some new Pablo swag. However, many were shocked to discover that West's designer t-shirts, listed at 70, were made using Gildan ultra cotton t-shirts, priced at 1.89 online. Not only did the shirts' material feel cheap, but also the Gildan tags apparently weren't even removed. Fans were clearly angry with West following this incident, but give the guy a break, people! This is the same poor, poor man who is "$53 million in debt," after all. Everyone's gotta eat, even a perfect and God-like human being who's the greatest mind of all time like Kanye West. For once, show some sympathy.

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