King Krule Has Released a New Song as The Return of Pimp Shrimp
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 24, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    English singer/songwriter/producer Archy Marshall is best known by his stage name, King Krule. Under King Krule, he has released the album 6 Feet Beneath The Moon plus a couple of EPs. Then, last year, he decided to release another album, A New Place 2 Drown, under his real name. Because of the name change, we think he may have lost some confused listeners, but the jazzy, experimental/electronic album was enough to win us over. Now, he has released a new song, "FEEL SAFE 88 (just say no)," under the brand new name, The Return of Pimp Shrimp...

    Why did he change his name again? And more importantly, why did he change it to this? As if switching between King Krule, Zoo Kid, Edgar the Beatmaker, and DJ JD Sports, wasn't enough. Honestly, it's starting to seem like he simply doesn't give a f*ck.

    As for the song, Marshall goes back to his King Krule roots with DIY bedroom production, lots of lo-fi synthesizers, and guitar, of course. What will Marshall put out next? And under what name? How about "Croissant King" or "Jubilant Panda Plant"? I may just be delirious from mid-week exhaustion, but I think those names sound pretty fitting. Archy, hit me up if you're in the market for a new name.

    "another age another name for the stomps," Marshall via Facebook.

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