Angel Olsen Channels Desert Vibes and Stevie Nicks in 'Sister'
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 24, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Angel Olsen just released a video for "Sister," one of the tracks off of her upcoming album, My Woman, out September 2. The video was directed by the singer herself and Conor Hagen.

    The near 9 minute-long video seems to take place in Los Angeles or some type of west coast desert with lots of cacti and rocks. Although it's clearly in a warm place, the colors are cool and light, creating a fresh, porcelain-like aesthetic. It features several gorgeous shots of the singer, including her laying on a rock, walking in the dark against blurred city lights, and several intimate close ups. One close up in particular shows tears rolling down her face with a glowing light filled with movement -- as if it's light that's being reflected off of a pool. It coincides perfectly with the song as it happens during the peak.

    "All my life I thought I'd change
    All my life I thought I'd change."

    In comparison to her last video, "Shut Up Kiss Me," she's much more calm. "I want to live life / I want to die right," she sings, seemingly at ease externally, but clearly churning inner turmoil on the inside, fostering up guilt. Her stare is blank, but it's not void of emotion. The song is a (very slow) build and when it reaches its climax, Olsen's stunningly eerie vocals are comparable to Stevie Nicks, making the desert setting feel a little too perfect.

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