Unreleased Nirvana Demo Is Vicious Buzzing Noise Rock
    • MONDAY, AUGUST 24, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    It's easy to forget this when you primarily blast Nevermind, but Nirvana's roots are in punk music. Yeah, nobody in the 90s knew their way around a pop rock hook quite like Kurt Cobain, but this was also a guy who followed the Melvins around the Pacific Northwest for a while and once had a band called Fecal Matter before forming Nirvana. And when was the last time you listened to In Utero all the way through? That album was noisy and dark as s***. So, in deference to the recent re-release of Montage of Heck, a slew of previously unheard Nirvana demos have been released, and the latest, "E-Coli," is a vicious, buzzing slice of pure noise-punk. It takes a minute for the nearly nine-minute track to find its groove, but once it does, I started to dig it. It's Nirvana doing their best Sonic Youth impersonation, and that sounds pretty alright to me.

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