Help Wanted: Fall Internships With Baeble
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 24, 2012

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    Hey folks. We're looking for Fall Interns to help us out with Editorial and Marketing duties. Think you've got what it takes to be an intern with Baeble? Check out the details below!

    Baeblemusic is looking for a few good writers for our Fall/Winter internship program. If you're up on the indie rock/emerging artist scene, have a desire to get your feet wet in new media, and are not afraid of playing a vital role in an ever-evolving, constantly expanding website, please get in touch. For more information about the site check us out at

    We've also got a full-on Marketing internship available, with a specific focus on our digital marketing campaigns (and no editorial required).

    Each intern will be expected to work at Baeble HQ 15-20 hrs a week.

    THIS INTERNSHIP IS UNPAID. College credit is required.

    For the Editorial Internship:

    THIS INTERNSHIP REQUIRES A LOT OF WRITING. You're churning editorial all day with a focus on fun, interesting and unique copy. Sense of humor is encouraged. Come prepared to spend most of your time creating fun content in a fast paced environment, and/or making Ke$ha jokes.

    For editorial/content, responsibilities include:
    - Providing a variety of original editorial work, including blogs, album reviews, and feature articles (and beyond)
    - Attending shows in New York City for coverage
    - Preparing website copy
    - Providing a variety of web support for Baeble's expanding catalogue of live concerts
    - Soliciting/collecting music videos
    - Assisting in full concert shoots when needed

    For the Marketing Internship:

    No coffee runs, unless it's for yourself or we're doing the running. From day one you'll be an integral part of all of our digital marketing efforts.

    Responsibilities include:
    - Developing our community presence
    - Must be familiar with social networking sites like StumbleUpon, Twitter, Facebook
    - Competent with internet research and know how to find things easily
    - Help with the newsletter, outreach, name collection and solicitation for cross promotion

    We're looking for interns who:
    - Are familiar and passionate for a wide variety of independent and emerging artists
    - Are familiar with both the major players and competitive nature of the new music media industry
    - Have natural passion for writing/making noise about new and upcoming music/artists
    - Enjoy attending live shows, and listening to new albums on a regular basis
    - Are organized and able to meet competing deadlines on a regular basis


    If interested, please reply to this posting with a short note about yourself, resume, and one brief relevant writing sample with the subject "Editorial Internship Application"

    Want to focus on Marketing? Send the same email with the subject, "Marketing Internship Application," sans the writing sample.

    The deadline is September 15th.

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