That's A Wrap: Summer Interns
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 24, 2011

    • Posted by: Elana Ehrenberg

    Elana, our last remaining intern, takes a final look at her time as one of our writers, and her farewell marks the end of our summer squad. This is her story, and in a bunch of ways, we're in agreement with our favs. Let's reminisce.

    So today's my last day as an editorial intern here at Baeblemusic. It's been a fun couple months in the office with artists stopping by for apartment sessions, Joe waiting for his chicken nuggets, the constant call and response of "Funkmaster?" "Yes?" between the Davids, lots of iced coffee, and even an earthquake! (Ok, that was just this week).

    To finish out my time here I present to you my favorites from this past summer:

    Favorite Baeble Concert: Foster The People at Music Hall of Williamsburg.
    Baeble introduced me to this band and they've been continually impressing everyone all summer. I see them doing big things in the future. They have so much energy and are just all around fun to listen to.

    Favorite Baeble Interview: 1,2,3
    This is one of the most honest interviews I've watched. These guys have been through it all (plus they reference Spinal Tap).

    Least favorite: The Knux
    [Ed. Note: You didn't have to conduct the interview (I did). They cut out most of the threats, including one to beat me up if I didn't understand how hard they rocked. LEGENDARY.]

    Favorite session: It's not up yet, but keep on the lookout for Mat Kearney on our roof!
    Every song had a story, and that was the first time he played "Ships in the Night" live acoustically.

    Favorite show I went to: tUnE-yArDs
    Just read my review and you'll understand why.

    Favorite Album Review: D by White Denim.
    Such a sunny, yet intricate album. It was the first review I wrote for Baeble and quite possibly one of my favorite albums of the summer.

    Favorite Collaboration: I became mildly obsessed with the Lou Reed-Metallica collab that everyone was talking about this summer. I still don't really understand how that ever happened.

    Favorite Music Video: This one's hard. There have been so many great ones this summer, but I'm going to have to go with the band that continually does something a little out there: The Beastie Boys. Their mini-movies lately directed by Spike Jonze and featuring every actor imaginable have been ridiculously entertaining.

    Worst (and by worst I mean hilarious) Music Video: Gold Cobra by Limp Bizkit.
    Just, stop. [Ed. Note: Just, stop not making more, amirite?]

    Favorite 'Watch' article: The Weeknd's first show ever.
    Relatively new artist playing his first show ever to a sold out crowd who knows every line? Sounds impossible, but the video proves you wrong.

    Runner up: MTV News explains the Internet in 1995

    Favorite MP3: M83's Midnight City
    Seriously can't wait for the rest of this epic album. I guess the 80's are back. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I love this.

    Favorite Stream: F*cked Up's David Comes to Life
    Can't stream it anymore, but I would highly recommend getting it. Punk opera?!

    Favorite Mash-up: James Drake
    The smoothest mash-up I've ever heard.

    Favorite Playlist: Girl Talk's Summer BBQ Playlist
    This was so good, and so elaborate. Covered absolutely everything.

    Favorite Pic of the Day: Adele Rolling in the Deep
    [Ed. Note: Our boss is in good company. He was also rolling at this one.]

    Well, I guess that's a wrap-up of some of my favorite moments [Ed. Note: Ours too!] musically, from my summer here at Baeble Music. I'm definitely going to miss everyone here. It's been a pleasure working with my fellow interns and staff. Now I'm off to bigger and better things (Kidding, I'm actually looking for a job, hire me?) and I know Baeble will continue their quest to take over the internetz and then the world.

    [Ed. Note: A special thanks to all of our summer interns, especially Elana for penning this lovely goodbye roundup. +500000 points for use of z in a pluralization. You've graduated from internet school! Go forth and blog!]

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