Album Review: Mister Heavenly
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 24, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    It'd be easy to just agree with Mister Heavenly's own claim that their music is best described as "Doom Wop" and leave it at that. The "super-group" composed of Nick Thorburn (Islands/The Unicorns), Ryan Kattner (Man Man), and Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse) sounds nothing like the sum of its parts, rather, an entirely new concoction of sounds and ideas easily stuffed into one category (that they've coined, no less). It's like Frankie Vallie meets Frankie Rose, produced by Bryan Wilson and given some bite by Jack White. Say that five times fast and it still won't be as difficult to create a sound like that from scratch.

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