listen: conan o'brien spoken word record
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 24, 2010

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    Although Conan O'Brien is one the most beloved late-night personalities, his endeavors of late have been a little self-indulgent. His tour was largely a pat on the back, despite its suggestive tendency towards nostalgia and sticking it to the man. Now he has a spoken word single being released on Jack White's label? Come on! Honestly though, the single is pretty funny, and it's near impossible to resist Conan's best Vincent Price impression. People will definitely buy this. At the end of the day, he may joke about being jilted, but Conan is still on top of the world.

    The recording concerns the work of a certain notorious mad scientist (played by O'Brien) as he contemplates his work, and his love of lattes. Take a listen to Frankenstein and his monster over at Pitchfork (for 24 hours only!). And They Call Me Mad was released today, with Side B being an interview with Conan. [via.]

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