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    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 24, 2010

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    In the tradition of Lady Antebellum and Natalie Merchant, dream-pop duo Beach House have released a new iTunes Session EP which features five reworked tracks from their discography as well as new song "White Moon".

    The reworked songs are culled mainly from this year's Teen Dream ("Walk in the Park", "Norway", "Silver Soul", and "Real Love") but "Gila" from sophomore outing Devotion makes an appearance in addition to the previously unreleased "White Moon". The iTunes sessions were, in the words of guitarist Alex Scally, an attempt to rework the songs with "different and fewer tones".

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    The EP is about six dollars if all of this intrigues you. Or you could buy "White Moon" for 99 cents and call it a day. Options! -ben krusling

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