The Killers' 'Run For Cover' Video Will Have You On The Edge of Your Seat
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 23, 2017

    • Posted by: Larisha Paul

    With just under a month left before The Killers release their first album in 5 years, Wonderful, Wonderful, due on September 22nd, the band is proving to us that we don't even know what to expect from this project. When looking towards the visuals for the tracks released so far, we are still left with little to no explanation of how Wonderful, Wonderful will play out as a whole. In "The Man," we got to see frontman Baeble Bae Brandon Flowers flex, ride around on a motorcycle, and get dauntingly manly for four and a half minutes; but, in their newest video for "Run For Cover," we see less of Brandon and more of a woman who would be the perfect lead for a low budget Syfy horror movie.

    When the woman emerges from the woods in the very beginning of the video, we're already strapping in to prepare for the wild ride we're about to be taken on. To be fair, it's a great start to keep people watching: How did she end up in the woods? Who is she? Is she okay? These questions are never answered directly, but once you put two and two together, things start to add up. To build the storyline, we see the woman and her husband arguing in between clips of her running through the street illuminated by a car's headlights. This arguing soon leads to a broken wine glass and the women running through the night, which Flowers explains as he sings, "He did her dirty, but no one died." (Not yet, anyway.)

    The woman's escape from her toxic relationship soon turns into a fight for her life as her husband watches from the bedroom window as she makes a break for it. You can tell this was an impulsive decision, because there seems to have been little to no planning involved in this getaway. So, again, we see the women running through the night while her husband trails her in a car–the car that she should have taken the keys to and drove away in herself. I suppose that wouldn't be as dramatic, though. On foot, our female lead makes her way to an eerie motel in which she reveals that she does in fact have a plan. Before she can finish pulling herself together, we see those infamous headlights shining through the window of her motel room. How did he know that was her room? Who knows. Why didn't she call the police? Who knows. Why didn't she find somewhere safer to seek shelter? Who knows. Who knows? Not me.

    The chase begins again, and it starts to seem as though her tragic end is near. It may have never come to this if she would have focused on getting away rather than looking back every two seconds despite Flowers singing, "Don't look back." As the car connects with her body, the woman is tossed to the ground–causing her to drop the cassette tape marked 07/28/17 that her husband apparently wanted to retrieve so desperately that he'd run his own wife down in the middle of the road. Just as you think it's all over for the woman, her plan from earlier on in the night comes into play. While in her hotel room, she crafted a molotov cocktail, and though it is not the most practical weapon, it sure did come in handy. After all is said and done, the woman stands triumphantly as she watched the car be consumed by the flames of her making. The smart thing to do was to probably leave the area of the car, because gasoline and fire don't tend to have the best relationship in the world, but we get it–she had a rough night. We're just glad she made it out alive.

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