King Krule Takes Flight In His New 'Czech One' Video
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 23, 2017

    • Posted by: Olivia Lewis

    [Photo Credit: Frank Lebon]

    King Krule, a.k.a. Archy Marshall, is back with his brand new single "Czech One," accompanied by a trippy music video directed by Frank Lebon. "Czech One" is his first release under King Krule since his 2013 debut album, 6 Feet Beneath The Moon (between then and now, the singer/rapper also released the album A New Place 2 Drown in 2015 as Archy Marshall.)

    "Czech One" features Krule's signature, genre-defying style. Drawing influences from jazz, hip hop, and darkwave, Marshall speak-sings his introspective poetry over the chill, slightly melancholy beat. Marshall meditates on a relationship that seems to be fading, singing lines like "And to think it's us she's wasted on, can't even look her in the eye," and "She grips me tight, she grips me tight/But I still rip at the seams." A combination of mellow synths, understated jazzy piano and sax solos and a reflective bassline accompany Krule's quiet, intimate vocals.

    The video follows King Krule as he weaves in and out of reality, floating into the sky and boarding a plane that eventually appears to not have ever left the ground. He wanders to the back of the plane, looking into the mirror of the rear bathroom before the wall falls to reveal the city street. Back in reality, he meets with a girl who lights his cigarette and walks next to his plane window as he rolls through the streets. By the end of the video, King Krule floats back down and finally plants his feet on the ground. The video comes across as a collaged dream sequence, depicting the concept of flying more often than the actual act. The dream-like vibe of the video fits the laid-back, introspective sound of "Czech One," as both feel like an intimate invitation into King Krule's mind.

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