10 Songs That Will Make Your Morning Commute Better
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 23, 2017

    • Posted by: Olivia Lewis

    Every morning, people across the world make their way to jobs or classes - there's a good chance you're one of those people. If you are one of those people, you probably already have a playlist of some sort for your commute. That, or maybe you listen to the radio (I'm always surprised when I remember that radio is still such a popular way to listen to music, but seeing as most people listen when they're in their cars and going to work, it actually kind of makes sense). But playlists can get stale after a while, and most radio stations just repeatedly play whatever's in the current Top 40. That's why we put together this list of songs, so you can shake things up a bit. Routines can be boring, but with the right music, your commute doesn't have to be.

    1. IRONTOM - "Brain Go"

    IRONTOM's "Brain Go" is infectiously catchy with a seriously satisfying bassline that really defines and rounds out the chorus. And, as an added bonus, this song hasn't been played to death on the radio, so it will be a fresh addition to your daily car ride, bus ride, or however else you may choose to get where you're going. Also watch our very intense session with the band.

    2. Gus Dapperton - "Gum, Toe and Sole"

    The intro to this song will probably get stuck in your head, but "Gum, Toe and Sole" is a great song so that's not really a bad thing. Like IRONTOM's "Brain Go," part of the song's catchiness comes from a really good bassline. A perfect mixture of catchy bass, dreamy synths, and just the right amount of cowbell will definitely make your morning commute at least a little better.

    3. Kali Uchis - "Tyrant (feat. Jorja Smith)"

    Kali Uchis' song "Tyrant," featuring British singer Jorja Smith, will add the perfect sweet, summery vibe to your daily commute (which may help especially as the seasons change - at least you can hold onto these summer months with this song)! As with any Kali Uchis song, "Tyrant" is a flawlessly sculpted soundscape paired with sweeter-than-syrup vocals and unforgettable melodies.

    4. Beshken - "The Roman Call"

    "The Roman Call" is the disco-influenced opening track on Beshken's latest EP, For Time Is The Longest Distance Between Two People, released earlier this month. The song is minimal, but keeps things interesting by switching up the vibe with different rhythmic and sonic sections. An eclectic collection of sounds, from basic piano to electric guitar to shiny synths, blends together effortlessly in "The Roman Call."

    5. GoGo Penguin - "Initiate - Stray Remix"

    GoGo Penguin's typically acoustic, electronica-influenced sound gets re-worked into an actual electronic song on the Stray remix of "Initiate." The remix preserves the jazzy groove of the original, while adding a uniquely electronic polish and a hip-hop influenced rhythmic swing. Vocal samples really transform the remix into something entirely new. Honestly though, both the original and the remix would be great additions to your morning playlist.

    6. Bonzai - "Sick ‘Em"

    Bonzai recently became one of my favorite artists when I discovered her music through her most recent single, "I Feel Alright." The EP that "Sick ‘Em" comes from, Sleepy Hungry, is experimental, energetic, and a lot more interesting than a lot of other EPs I've listened to lately. "Sick ‘Em" is one of the smoother productions on Sleepy Hungry, which I think makes it more suited to a morning playlist. When night comes around and you're finally out of work or school though, I definitely recommend listening to the rest of the EP.

    7. HOMESHAKE - "Move This Body"

    The wobbly synth in "Move This Body" makes it instantly stand out among the rest of the songs on HOMESHAKE's 2015 album Midnight Snack. Like most of HOMESHAKE's music, "Move This Body" has a laid-back sound that's perfect for just vibing (or driving) to.

    8. Warehouse - "Super Low"

    The melodies that define Warehouse's "Super Low," from the vocals to the guitars to the bass, are what really make the song. Lead singer Elaine Edenfield's gravelly voice is especially unique and interesting. The artful post-punk sound of the song fits well with overall vibe of the playlist - chill, but varied enough to keep things interesting.

    9. Cashmere Cat - "Victoria's Veil"

    As with all of Cashmere Cat's productions, "Victoria's Veil" features a varied and surprising array of sounds that will keep you on your toes while somehow blending together perfectly and pleasantly. The tone of the song quickly shifts from the anime-opener-esque intro to a smooth, sparse electronic groove.

    10. DJ Paypal - "Over"

    For the song "Over," footwork producer DJ Paypal makes use of a sped-up sample of the opening track on Drake's Take Care. "Over" features DJ Paypal's signature nostalgic, fast-paced, simultaneously energetic and chilled-out style. But most importantly, this is the end of the playlist - if everything is timed perfectly, like the title of the song says, your commute should be "over!"

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