The Cold War Gets Groovy on Miike Snow's 'My Trigger' Video
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 23, 2016

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    Swedish indie-pop band Miike Snow has released a brand new music video for "My Trigger," a Cold War-era mini-drama that plays like the groovy lovechild of Dirty Dancing and Red Dawn. This dance-tastic video portrays the US and USSR on the verge of Cuban Missile Crisis-like event of mutually assured destruction, except with a lot more camp and sweet dance moves. Keen-eyed Miike Snow fans might recognize the two lead actors from the band's equally quirky and cinematic video, "Genghis Khan," but other than that, the two videos don't seem to be related (although shared universe theorists should feel free to theorize away). The band probably stuck with the actors for this one because they are both pretty solid dancers and look convincingly presidential.

    The video itself is really well shot and fun to watch, almost looking like if Wes Anderson made an Oscar-bait historical drama. The choreography is solid as well, not just from the two main characters but also from the whole video in general, as everything in the video is triggered (sorry, I had to) by the song's beat, which I personally always love seeing in music videos. From big red buttons to a Marilyn Monroe tribute to large-set dance finale, "My Trigger" is a wonderfully retro video that matches the song's nostalgic and party vibes perfectly.

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