SONG OF THE WEEK: 'Nights' by Frank Ocean
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 23, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    We recently reviewed Blonde, one of the new albums from Frank Ocean. Although there was nothing but great things to say about it, there's one song in particular that is a clear highlight and it's called "Nights." It changes several times so it's really three short songs in one -- although the music changes often, the lyrics seem to be related to each other.

    The track starts with different guitars playing separately, going back and forth, panned from the right to the middle. Between Ocean's voice, both lyrically and melodically, the first part could pass for a song penned by our beloved Drake, making it one of the more accessible tracks on the record. Then, all of the music fades out as two Queen-like classic rock guitars harmonizing with each other fade in to transition to the third and final part. After they cut out, a crystal clear beat with eerie keyboards and a subby bass chime in along with Ocean's talking-singing-mumbling voice, "Every night fucks every day up / Every day patches the night up." He soon snaps out of this haze and achingly wails with two of his vocals imperfectly stacked on top of each other, singing with himself as the tension rises and the drama builds.

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