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    • MONDAY, AUGUST 23, 2010

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    The shores of Long Beach Island got a little more sarcastic as I took a break from Baeble to observe Cadillac tattoos, well-known cover bands, and severe amounts of tequila. Back in the wide world of music, things were still happening! Youtube bands are slowly creeping on the iTunes charts, an unfortunate happening happened during a live performance, and Ticketmaster has a blog?

    "Bedroom Intruder", another Youtube hit video, spawned an auto-tuned parody that is charting on iTunes.

    So you've probably seen the original, a real news story about a very serious offense, made a little goofy by a cartoon character man named Antoine. Naturally, this phenomenon has spawned a song (by the genius brothers behind Autotune The News), and it's actually pretty good. 11 Million views good. And now it's #43 on the iTunes charts. Watch:

    Complete with Greyson Chance reference... are we entering a new meta age of pop music? WHO CARES! WE GON FIND YOU!

    A man committed suicide during a Swell Season concert.

    A man jumped to his death in the middle of a concert in Saratoga, California, landing a few feet away from Swell Season co-leader Glen Hansard. Attempts to revive him were futile. The show ended "immediately".

    From Billboard: "The band, crew and all involved with them are shocked and saddened by the unfortunate events of last night. Their hearts go out to the victim and his friends and family."

    Thank goodness this didn't happen during a Kings Of Leon concert, or Pitchfork would have been slightly less reverent. [via.]

    Ticketmaseter has a blog.

    Ticketmaster has a blog? Ticketmaster has a blog.

    Live music fans, pay attention:

    "We get it you don't like service fees. You don't like them mostly because you don't understand what the heck they are for. We'll try to do a better job in this space over the coming months of helping you understand our business, and how our fees compare to others in the industry (both in ticketing and ecommerce in general)."

    Luckily they don't have to pay the city of Philadelphia for this one.


    We are looking at another slow week of EVERYONE in the music industry being on vacation, but whatever, we'll still be slinging puns and MP3s ALL DAY.-joe puglisi

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