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    • MONDAY, AUGUST 23, 2010

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    Ted Leo recently went a lengthy rant about the ability of musicians to make money and "have it all" in their careers, ultimately admitting he was preparing for a career paradigm shift, referencing the "brilliance" of such artists as Green Day and the owners of the Beatles estate (read the whole thing here). The "big reveal" today was that he turned The Brutalist Bricks into a musical! Sort of! Read on!

    Actually, it was all an elaborate parody/prank to scare the bejesus out of fans. I know I was scared, because American Idiot was some pretty awful theater. Check out the clip (which is actually a video for "Bottled In Cork") below, via Funny or Die:

    Haha, the end is priceless. Love the cameos (Paul F. Thompkins and Julie Klausner), especially John Hodgman, I wish he would clap for all of my music videos.
    The Brutalist Bricks is out on Matador. -joe puglisi

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