Against Me! Go to Space in 'Crash' Music Video
    • MONDAY, AUGUST 22, 2016

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    American punk rockers Against Me! have released a brand new video for "Crash," a track off their upcoming record, Shape Shift With Me. The song is a quick, upbeat, no-BS punk song that serves as the backdrop for a campy and wonderfully low budget sci-fi inspired video, complete with lasers, force choking, and Lightsaber guitars. This one-take video features the band, sporting makeup that looks like if Kiss went on a Nirvana kick, jamming out while floating in space and battling an evil alien along the way. There are plenty of tributes to sci-fi lore throughout the video that are bound to make space nerds like me smile, with the video even ending with a clip of the Death Star explosion from Star Wars.

    The effects, costumes, and set design scream "home video" more than "sci-fi blockbuster," but that aesthetic definitely fits the song better than a convoluted space opera. It's a straightforward, catchy, and most importantly, fun-as-hell rock song, and the video does a great job at showing the band just playing music, goofing around, and having fun. While yes, a lot of fans like the band for their politically conscious themes in their music, that doesn't mean they can't make an easy-listening rock tune once in a while. "Crash" sounds like it was made for a good time, and the video matches that positive energy pretty damn well. Watch the music video right here, and look out for Shape Shift With Me, out September 16.

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