Out & About: A Sultry Evening with Robyn & Royskopp
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 22, 2014

    • Posted by: Stephanie Orentas

    A heavy beat accompanied by a sultry saxophone welcomed latecomers to Pier 97 last night as Ryksopp began their set. Concert goers did what seemed like a dancing-running hybrid not wanting to miss a moment of the show, with good reason. Robyn and Ryksopp's 'Do It Again' tour is one of the most popular touring acts worldwide, and last night the gang of Swedes hit NYC to a sold out, 6,000 capacity Pier 97. Nuzzled in between the river and Midtown, Pier 97 is Hudson River Park's partnership with Live Nation.

    The show was made up of three parts: Ryksopp began with a solo set, Robyn's solo set followed, then both of them together. These three totally different sets were perfectly woven together, intricate and timed perfectly, to create smooth transitions. The sonic flow begged for endless dancing, and the overwhelming amount of sequin outfits welcomed the night and shimmered as the sun set.

    As Robyn peeked her head from backstage and made her way to face her audience, a roaring wave of applause flooded the venue as she began her set with "Be Mine!," a classic from her self-titled album. NYC also got a peep at the new songs she's been taunting on tour including "Set Me Free", "Work It Out", and "Love Is Free," where NYC's Maluca joined her up on stage. The true testament NYC's love for Robyn came during "Dancing On My Own," when a chorus of six thousand voices sang to Robyn, reversing the role of the performer for at least a verse.

    The visual impact of the final set was astounding. Robyn and Ryksopp sparkled with a wardrobe made of exclusively silver, save for a few black and white pieces. The duo played songs from their latest 5-song EP, Do It Again, but they also included oldies like "The Girl and The Robot," where Svein Berge sang alongside Robyn with a bizarrely awesome robot mask.

    Check out some of our photos and watch the "Monument" video below:

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