Librarians Mimic Beastie Boys and More Teachers Behaving Badly
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013

    • Posted by: Owen Reuther

    This clip of a few librarians embodying Cochese, Alegre, and Bobby to the style of the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" music video has been circulating the internet pretty rampantly recently.

    In honor of these fine ladies' great auteurship, and taste in music, we combed the internet to scrounge up the best [and worst] teacher/school related video remakes out there.

    Ok Go has to give it up for these teachers who recreated their treadmill trapeze almost perfectly.

    This principal drops some knowledge on a few bullies.

    "A bottle of red or a bottle of white, whatever gets me laid tonight"
    - Billy Joel"

    -John from Delocated

    Check out this teacher misquoting Billy Joel too, but in an educational way!

    The only thing missing from this Van Halen remake is the teacher... But these kids had the foresight to cut to frames from the real "Hot For Teacher" video.

    These teachers dance like maniacs to "Eye of the Tiger," "My Generation," "The Final Countdown," and more.

    Yeah these Norwegian teachers can lip sync in English pretty well, and yeah their video has some professional level production value, but they still look just as dorky as their American counterparts.

    This needs to go down in history as the worst music video remake ever, ever.

    And just for the hell of it you should check out this epic Beastie Boys short film.

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