Album Review: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 22, 2012

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    When two of the lines in the very first song of an album are "Crib notes pacifistic polymonogamasturbator's a whore (that's right!)" and "Suicide dumplings dropping testicle bombs (bombs, bombs)" you should probably know right away that any conventional analysis of the album will be an exercise in futility. After 2010's breakthrough Before Today, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti exploded onto the indie rock scene with the anthemic "Round and Round." Although it still featured Pink's (nee Ariel Rosenberg) ability to marry 60s acid rock with 80s synth pop which was highly visible on past releases like House Arrest or The Doldrums, it seemed like nearly every track on Before Today stuck -- even if the album suffered from a severe lack of focus. Pink's newest record, Mature Themes, finds the crew fully embracing the avant-garde side of the Haunted Graffiti equation. And while Pink's musicianship has never been better or more cohesive, his lyricism is total word salad nonsense that sees Pink abandoning hooks to simply make the record as transgressive as humanly possible.

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