Out and About: The Rapture
    • MONDAY, AUGUST 22, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Photo by Ryan Muir for Spin.

    "How deep is your love?" was the cry by The Rapture at Music Hall Of Williamsburg on Saturday night, and the people spoke their minds with their feet. Considering the DFA darlings have been largely silent for the past five years, almost an eternity in pop music years, the response to the call was uncertain. And yet, the painfully cool mingled with the hopelessly rhythm-less, in that special salad bowl that only a hyped-up indie rock show can serve up. This show was anticipated. James Murphy lurked in the balcony shadows, a spectre of DFA might crawling among the VIPs, playing the part of the local suit despite sporting his signature white short-sleeve shirt (at least that's how I imagined it). And the band was humble, yet forceful in their delivery of songs new and old, but mostly new, especially the ferocious single that left the dance-floor jumping and chanting.

    Before we continue, a friendly disclaimer that we will be politely ignoring the easy target of comparing this show, album, or any future endeavors of the band to anything biblical or church related. Maybe. Just like the actual Rapture, you'll never know when it's coming.

    The Rapture kicked off the evening with the title track of their new album, In The Grace Of Your Love, and subsequently played plenty off the new disc, in addition to past hits like "House Of Jealous Lovers" and "Get Myself Into It". Frontman Luke Jenner isn't exactly a panic, and the band lost their frenetic bass player Mattie Safer, but the band seems to be handling their hype significantly better than the pressure of being the next big thing, a scary title forced on them back in their hey day. They looked comfortable and fun. Jenner even dedicated the final song of the set to his wife of ten years. You'd never think it, given their still youthful demeanor, these guys are well into their 30s, but that's no matter when the tunes still have better legs than their younger contemporaries.

    We know it was just a preview show, and the music speaks for itself, but we'd be amiss if we didn't come out and say it, we're glad to have them back.

    The sparser, more beat-tastic new record In The Grace Of Your Love drops on 9/6 via DFA.

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