MP3: The Barr Brothers
    • MONDAY, AUGUST 22, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Reverberating like the Rocky Mountains, and paying meticulous attention to sonic detail (in an odd variety of ways) are just a few of the charming qualities of The Barr Brothers, a folk outfit determined to bring their music to the masses. Although the brothers Barr (Brad and Andrew) hung up their boxing gloves in 1983 when they were just a couple of kids, it still feels like their jabbing at our chests. Through a series of fortunate events the brothers came to acquire a classically trained harpist named Sarah Page, and the origin of the band is one of wide-open melodicism and unique explorations of noise and space. Grab a free bit of their free folk below and check out a video of the band performing some rather unorthodox guitar techniques.

    Although homemade copies have been floating around, you can officially grab the band's self-titled debut on 9/27 when it's released on Secret City Records.

    "Beggar In The Morning":

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    MP3: "Beggar In The Morning"

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