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    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 22, 2008

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    In 1936, McCarren Park was built in the midst of a depressed country. It was closed in 1984 (presumably because you couldn't swim with your perm/wearing parachute pants). In 2005 it was reopened as a performance space, and now averages about 6,000 people a week, with 45,000 a season turning up for shows at the most infamous band shell in New York City. Some might even ironically refer to it, as a "pool party." Unfortunatly, the masses also ironically chose not to show up to the community board meetings to decide the fate of the McCarren Park Pool.

    A few years later, JellyNYC (the company running the pool parties) is preparing to shut down the best thing about summer in New York. Only the establishment would take a defunct space-turned-awesome-music-venue away to change it back to what it was originally. We'd much rather be sweating in our shorts watching our favorite music than doing canon-balls into an over-saturated public pool. However, all is not lost...

    Although McCarren is pretty much over, Jelly has proposed to move the concerts to the Bushwick Inlet Park. Keeping it in Brooklyn? We like it. Unfortunatly, they need to create a performance space there... that's where the masses come in. A petition is floating around to do just that, with a target of 10,000 signatures. Tell your friends, or Summer may get a little quieter.-joe puglisi

    8/24 - Yo La Tengo, Titus Andronicus, Ebony Bones

    P.S. We would advise against cargo shorts at the last party... trust us.

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