Syd is More Sensual Than Ever on New Song 'Bad Dream/No Looking Back'
    • MONDAY, AUGUST 21, 2017

    • Posted by: Olivia Lewis

    Syd, frontwoman of The Internet and former Odd Future producer, just released a new song on her Soundcloud titled "Bad Dream/No Looking Back." The first half, "Bad Dream," was produced by Gwen Bunn while the production credits for the second half, "No Looking Back," go to Ricci Riera. The singer shared the new track on Twitter, instructing fans to "play this while you watch the eclipse" - just make sure you don't forget your special glasses!

    The production on "Bad Dream/No Looking Back" is lowkey, the kind of song you can sit back and just vibe to. The song features Syd's signature sultry voice and alluring lyrics that meditate on the state of a casual relationship. Being part of a generation where hookup culture is the norm, the story Syd tells of trying not to "get too attached, ‘cause if this turns into something we know there's no looking back" is definitely a familiar one. Overall, "Bad Dream/No Looking Back" is exactly what you'd expect in a new song from Syd - completely chilled-out, well-written, and vibe-filled.

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