Some of Amy Winehouse's Best Moments
    • MONDAY, AUGUST 21, 2017

    • Posted by: Kelly Kenlon

    6 years ago, jazz and soulful legend Amy Winehouse passed away. She was an artist who brought soul and bluesy music back to life in the mid-2000s when there really wasn't any of it in sight. Her voice was -- and still is -- unlike anyone else. Nothing beats the riveting heartbreak in "Back to Black," or the cheaky moment when she sings "what kind of fuckery is this?" in "Me & Mr Jones." In honor of the iconic and sorely missed singer, we're looking back at some of the best moments in her musical career.

    1. Winning Five Grammys in 2008. No big deal.

    Amy Winehouse took home not one, but five Grammys -- Best Pop Vocal Album, Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, Best Song, Best Record, and Best New Artist -- all for her sophomore album Back to Black in 2007. This was definitely something that put her on the map, if she wasn't already, as an international icon for modern soul music.

    2. Covering "Girl From Ipanema" and "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow."

    These two tracks actually came out on the album Lioness: Hidden Treasures after the singer passed away, but she recorded a lot of the tracks on that album back in 2003, right around the same time as the release of her debut album, Frank. The covers of these two songs were perfect for her.

    3. Best Solo Female Artist, Brit Awards in 2007.

    Winning the Best Solo Female Artist award for her album Back to Black at the Brit Awards in 2007 was a big point in her career. This was an important win because she had been nominated three other times in the past and this was finally her year to win.

    4. Being a guest on the "Jonathan Ross" show back in 2004.

    This is such a cool interview because you really get to see how confident yet casual she is at just the age of 20. In the intervire, they talk about the release of her album Frank, and you could see how authentic her attitude and style was from the very beginning. No one knew she was going to release such an iconic album.

    5. Mark Ronson's "Valerie" in 2008.

    Most people don't know, but this is actually a cover of a rock band named The Zutons, and before then it was recorded as a reggae song in the late 1960s. So this song has been around the block a few times... But come on, Amy and Mark Ronson's version is the best. And there is also another version on the album Back to Black: B-sides where a lot of the instrumental is taken out and and Amy' voice is highlighted.

    6. Her duet with Tony Bennett.

    One of the legendary artists Tony Bennett performed a duet with was Amy Winehouse for their cover of "Body and Soul." It's absolutely touching, and even more emotional now. Watching the way Tony looks at Amy and those harmonies at the end... Priceless.

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