Now Playing: Grasping the Charm and Power of Polica
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 21, 2014

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Have you seen our magical session with Poliça yet? If not, you need to remedy that immediately. The Minneapolis synth-poppers brought it and then still had some to spare. It's a beautiful, undeniably fun set. When we recorded the session, we also shot a video interview with the band which even further illuminates the chemistry, contrasts, and passion that make Poliça such a special act. Right out of the gate, frontwoman Channy Leaneagh makes it clear that theatricality and intense dichotomies are at the core of the Poliça experience.

    "We all enjoy thinking of the performance as creating a world on stage." If anyone's ever more succinctly defined their stage presence, I'm hard pressed to find an example. Poliça are spectacular on their records, and Shulamith more than deserves your attention, but when you see them live, you become enveloped in the mystical musicality that they create. The ethereal lighting, Channy Leaneagh's otherworldly voice, and the trance-inducing melodies all immediately rip you out of the real world and place you directly in Poliça's world. And the interview makes clear that was their intention.

    But the band has more on their mind than just making music that occupies its own world. They want to push themselves and the boundaries of how music comes together. "We have this conflict between sort of soft and smooth with obviously harsh and intense sounds coming from two drummers." And while Poliça's music can be quite beautiful (hauntingly so at time), there's almost always an undercurrent of darkness. And it takes just one look at the cover of Shulamith to know that the group isn't afraid of confronting darker themes and images. In fact, Channy says that the contrast between the beauty of femininity but also the brutality that women have to face plays a big role in Poliça's aesthetic.

    We've shot a lot of artists here at Baeble over the years, but few of our sessions have the immediate charm and power of the time we spent with Poliça at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. If you've still managed to miss this extraordinarily talented act, make sure you watch the interview above and check out our full session below. You won't be disappointed.

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