Tegan and Sara Join Taylor Swift For The World's Most Awkward Performance
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 21, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Last night, Tegan and Sara showed up at the Staples Center to perform their hit song "Closer" during Taylor Swift's concert, and it was incredibly awkward. Alright, I don't know how to write about this without pissing someone off, so I'm going to explain it in a language that everyone understands; Saved By the Bell analogies. Remember Kelly Kapowski? Of course you remember the bubbly babe and cheerleader, Kelly Kapowski. How about Tori Scott? She was the rough and tumble leather jacket-wearin', motorcycle-fixin' babe that stole Zack's heart for 10 episodes. Tori was cast as Kelly's replacement, and was an over the top representation of everything Kapowski was not.

    After T. Swift's culty, Oz-Wizard intro, the Canadian sisters rose through the stage to stiffly sing their tune as the yang to their ying strippered it up to their left (yes, I just invented the word 'strippered', deal with it). Luckily we never had to see Tori and Kelly share the screen, but this gives us an image of how torturous it could have been...

    And just to increase the legitimacy of this analogy, look at Tori Scott all growed up. She IS Tegan and/or Sara!

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