Steve Martin Rejoins Kermit For Dueling Banjos Showdown
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 21, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    I couldn't imagine being a kid today. This isn't because of the infiltration of technology or sexting, but more simply because these ignorant, little people will never experience The Muppet Show. One of my favorite television-related memories involves Steve Martin's guest appearance on the program where he taught me that you could never play a sad song on the banjo. In my case, I just could never play the damn banjo. Recently, Funny or Die rejoined Martin with his old pal Kermit to relive the classic Dueling Banjos moment down in Kermie's swamp. And I'll be damned, Kermit hasn't aged a day.

    Watch some clips from Steve Martin's visit to the original Muppet Show back in 1977.

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