Johnny Stimson's Summer Jam Surprise 'Daddy's Money'
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 20, 2013

    • Posted by: Stephanie Orentas

    Sometimes it can be hard to break from the tunnel vision-like pattern of getting music from the same sources time and time again. You get an email, make sure it's up to snuff and throw it on up. Occasionally, however, you'll find something that sticks out in a place you would never have thought to look. Today, the front page of the Internet itself (that's Reddit for those of you unaware) had a catchy new tune for us, and we thought it was worth sharing. The track, by Johnny Stimson, is called "Daddy's Money" and from the second it starts playing the infectious beat and smooth vocals make you want to groove out and sing along. It was certainly a pleasant surprise on a Tuesday morning that felt more like a Monday.

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