5 Arcade Fire Covers You Need To Hear
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 20, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Everyone's got ants in their pants as we all giddily await the release of Arcade Fire's fourth studio album, which is now commonly referred to, yet not officially confirmed as Reflektor. But it's not scheduled to release until October 29th, so we continue to barely subdue the itch with minor news involving the group. Today's Arcade Fire-related ditty unfortunately didn't come from our favorite eccentric Canadians, however, it is a nice little homage to their fiery Suburbs single "Ready To Start". The unorthodox cover was performed by New Wave icons Tears for Fears, who strangely gave it a Postal Service poppy spin.

    As every semi-intriguing topic does, this sent us down the Googly rabbit hole. Hmm...Arcade Fire covers. They aren't as common as one might imagine. So we decided to fish out the few and the finest to save you from the vicious Balrog that waits at the bottom of a procrastination web-search pit.

    Peter Gabriel - "My Body Is A Cage"

    Sounds very much like Johnny Cash's cover of "Hurt" until it takes an explosive, symphonic left turn.

    Macy Gray - "Wake Up"

    Apparently, Macy Gray never actually said goodbye, even though we all did. This cover's primarily on the list for its 'holy shit, that's random' factor. It's a little too tropical mom pop for our taste.

    Foo Fighters - "Keep The Car Running"

    This is awesome.

    Calexico - "Ocean Of Noise"

    It's a very pretty gypsy-stringed approach to the Neon Bible classic, but this addition veils the original's brooding tone.

    I guess it's true; nothing matches the original when it comes to Arcade Fire. We'll just have to wait for that October 29th release.

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