The Kickdrums Live at Mercury Lounge: Inventing Their Own Wheel
    • MONDAY, AUGUST 20, 2012

    • Posted by: Amanda Scherker

    The Kickdrums was born out of the band member's collective distaste for the same old top 40 radio station white noise. So it's not surprising that, together, they've found a sound all their own. By starting with the classic alternative rock base, and subsequently piling on a fearless array of anything-but-classic trappings, they've cultivated a culty cool.

    They took the stage at Mercury Lounge this past Friday night, with a mellowed out confidence, announcing that their journey from home-base Brooklyn had "only cost $2.50." Their laid-back cool that didn't quaver when a sour cable chord silenced their keyboard's cues. Without missing a beat, the drummer distracted the audience with a two minute solo while the house sound guy did some electrical CPR.

    And then we were back up and running. The rest of the concert was smooth rock 'n roll sailing with a heavy dose of the unexpected. Lead singer Alex Fitts has done production for the likes of Kanye and Kid Cudi. The Kickdrums was a project conceived mainly to channel his creative forward-thinking into his alternative-rock roots. That blend of sensibilities is reflected in the band's ability to seamlessly mix the old and the new. Even if you haven't drank the Kool Aid that those avid collectors of the band's every mixtape imbibe, this show is a compelling illustration of the potential of music technology to enhance the classic formula.

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