klaxons to release ep of outtakes
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 20, 2010

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    Klaxons, as you may recall, recorded their second album and then decided the noise to pop ratio was a little too skewed for their liking (or their record label's liking) so they gave it another shot. The new album, which drops August 23rd, is called Surfing The Void &mdash you may remember it from the awesome cover art. Looks like some songs from that first discarded batch are set to see the light of day, however, with a new EP of outtakes set for release.

    Bassist Jamie Reynolds described the EP as such: "It's quite slow, there's a waltz on it and it's just great. A seven-minute waltz! We've taken tracks and taken all the music out and replaced it with drones it's very drudgy and slow and beautiful and odd." [via NME]

    Good news for Klaxons fans. Meanwhile, take another look at that meme-tastic cover art and get ready for Surfing the Void when it drops on the 23rd. -ben krusling

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