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    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 20, 2009

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    We've seen this before. There is Swedish singer/songwriter Anna Ternheim, swinging through New York on the verge of a highly acclaimed record. Last year it was the Bowery Ballroom, and a majestically produced album titled Halfway to Fivepoints (read the REVIEW) that brought Anna and Baeble together. Perhaps you've seen the tender, solo performance we filmed? This time, it's an even more intimate setting: Baeble's Guest Apartment.

    Again, Anna wipes away the recorded excess of her dazzling new album Leaving on a Mayday (read the REVIEW), showcasing bare bones songs that tremble under ample emotional weight. These are distraught, yet undeniably tender pieces of music perfectly suited for any personal moment deemed broken or otherwise. Though her latest is an energetic and full-bodied listen, Anna's performance of "What Have I Done", "Summer Rain", and "My Heart Still Beats for You" pays stirring testament to the humble places these selections began their life. Alone, a guitar, a piano, some wounded words, and all those lovely melodies. - David Pitz

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    VIDEO: Anna Ternheim at Baeble's Guest Apartment

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