Electric Guest Talk About New Album 'Plural' 5 Years After Major Breakout Success
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 02, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    What do you do when you're an artist who makes it big with their very first hit? A hit so big that it's played virtually everywhere, and suddenly hundreds of labels are stalking you, telling you what you should do next? Do you try to imitate it, hide in fear, or take the risk of making something different? Several artists go through this, often resulting in crippling anxiety or one hit wonders. Witchy pop star Lorde took a whopping four years to follow up to her highly acclaimed debut album Pure Heroine as well as Frank Ocean, who also took four years to write after Channel Orange. It's not uncommon, but it's also unfortunate for the listeners who, because they loved something so much, have to wait even longer for more.

    LA-based group Electric Guest went through this after the release of their album Mondo. Remember their 2012 hit, "This Head I Hold"? You know, the one that got over 43 million streams on Spotify, was placed in the UK's most Shazamed ad for IKEA, an HBO Go TV ad, and more? Well, I recently caught up with the band leaders, Asa Taccone and Matthew Compton, at Capitol Records on a gorgeous spring day to find out exactly what they've been doing since the song hit the airwaves 5 years ago. "We always wrote. We wrote a whole album and we turned it in and no one really liked it... Well, some people liked it, but the 'important people' didn't," Taccone explained. When I asked if they felt any pressure to follow up "This Head I Hold," tension grew in the air, "That's why it took us five years... Crippling anxiety."

    We dove into other things like their brand new album Plural which dropped earlier this year as well as the feedback it's been getting in the states. Oh, and we interviewed their dear friends Portugal. The Man that same day, so we may have talked a little bit about how strange - and amazing - it is to work with them. It's exciting to watch Electric Guest make such a fearless comeback, and after our conversation, I'm certain that their work ethic and ambition will only take them to higher places.

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