Drake's Dad Drops Video for 'Kinda Crazy'
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 02, 2017

    • Posted by: Ally Farrell

    Admittedly, I have not been in existence on this Earth for very long. But so far, 2017 has been one of the strangest years I have experienced during my two decades of life. Donald Trump as President, The Emoji Movie, fidget spinners, police shooting after police shooting. It seems as though everyday, the world gets a little darker. But every now and then, something will come along to give us a glimmer of Hope and Happiness. We received one of those gifts recently, in the form of a music video from Mr. Dennis Graham.

    Now, you may be asking yourself, "Who is Dennis Graham?" or "Why is a music video from this man who sounds like a high school physics teacher so important?" That's because this man is not a high school physics teacher; he is the father of the King of the Canadian Rap Game, Aubrey Graham, more commonly known as Drake.

    The video for Dennis' single, "Kind of Crazy" is everything you could hope for in an R&B music video, and then some. A beautiful blonde girl walking and moving her hair in a sultry manner, heavy usage of a fog machine, and the star of the video tucked into a booth at a bar surrounded by even more girls. There's also quite a bit of toe-touches and snaps that show impeccable dance moves is a trait that runs amongst the Graham men. The real treat, however, is getting to witness Dennis' ability to rock a church suit.

    So if you're feeling a bit unsure about the current state of the world, watch this video to remind yourself that it can't always be all bad.

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