5 Songs That Kickoff with a Chorus
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 02, 2017

    • Posted by: Peter Hammel

    Everything calls for some sort of introduction. The majority of songs start with a short, instrumental preparation for a verse or even a chorus, but here's a short list of tracks (that aren't Abba's "Dancing Queen" or Journey's "Anyway You Want It") that get straight to the point: the chorus.

    1. "Fall In" - Cloud Nothings

    This track fell in (pun intended) at a special point in Cloud Nothings's 2012 Attack on Memory. Between the 9 minute monster of "Wasted Days" and possibly the best pop/punk rock song ever "Stay Useless", "Fall In" spaces the two as a whiney and charming seesaw. Give it a listen, and immediately fall in (again, pun intended) for the song's catchy chorus.

    2. "Pneumonia" - Danny Brown

    The catchy chorus on this Atrocity Exhibition standout perfectly combines Danny Brown's arsenal high pitched noises and low vibrato. Though we, the listeners, probably did not make $30,000 in 30 minutes like Danny, it's impossible to not sing along to the prompt chorus that spearheads "Pneumonia".

    3. "In A Jar" - Dinosaur Jr.

    First of all, "In A Jar" by Dinosaur Jr. sounds straight out of 2002, not freaking 1987. Regardless the song is an absolute gem from the Amherst, MA group, and despite its emo, exquisite teenaged lyrics ("I just want to find out what you're nice to me for"), "In A Jar" with its chorus introduction plus the rest of its home on the album You're Living All Over Me created music decades ahead of its own time.

    4. "Jumper" - Third Eye Blind

    "I WISH YOU WOULD…" You get the picture. It's a singalong for everyone, taking the plot of a lethal situation but applying to anyone's struggles. Third Eye Blind's "Jumper" concerns itself with overcoming your past that hurts in the present, and what other way to do that than kicking a tune off with one of the most catchy choruses ever.

    5. "My Name Is" - Eminem

    Eminem's "My Name Is" encompasses all of his best work. It's obviously sardonic, hilarious in its jokes but dark in Slim's context. His bars are a perfect combination of relentlessly real and metaphorical. But before the rhymes hit us, the chorus that acquaints us with Slim Shady smacks listeners straight in the face.

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