GEAR TALK TUESDAY: Enhancing The Fender Sound with Honeyblood
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 02, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    "In our set up as a duo, I am constantly looking to find more effective ways to make as much sound as possible without losing the lush telecaster tone that I am so in love with," says Christina of the Glasgow two-piece, Honeyblood.

    When playing in a grunge rock band, especially a two-piece, your guitar sound is everything, and there's no right way to achieve it. "I use a combination of two Fender amps including the Bassbreaker 45 and Hot Rod Deville. The Bassbreaker gives a real powerful drive to my sound which I am very into and can be totally versatile if I need to rein it in. At the moment, I use a Boss OC-3 polyphonic octave pedal to achieve a bass heavy quality. I'm really enjoying the polyphonic aspect of the octave pedal as it gives more freedom in pitch range." Using a different combination of amps and pedals can change everything, and sometimes it just takes a little trial and error until you figure out what sound works for you.

    Luckily, Honeyblood already has their sound down to a tee: Fierce, guitar-driven rock music reminscent of the 90s. They have that distorted effect (thanks to The Bassbreaker?), but still keep it pretty clean and straight-forward. The biggest challenge is filling up all of this space with only one guitar, but they manage pretty damn well, all while also keeping that beautiful tele sound.

    The band recently released their new single and video "Ready For Magic," as well as announced their second album, Babes Never Die which is out on October 28th via Fat Cat Records. Listen below.

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